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How can I join People's Postcode Lottery?

The easiest way to join is to sign up online. Alternatively, call us on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5.

What is the benefit of having more tickets with People's Postcode Lottery?

In our Saturday Street Prizes, every ticket in one lucky postcode wins £25,000. So if you play with one ticket, and your postcode is chosen, you win £25,000. However, if you play with two tickets, you would win £50,000.

Similarly, with our Daily Prizes and Sunday prizes, these fixed amount prizes are awarded by ticket - so the more tickets you play with, the more money you win.

Prize funds in the Postcode Millions draw are shared on a per-ticket basis. The more tickets you play with, the greater your share of the total prize fund.

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How it works

How To Play guide

Our Saturday Street Prizes, Daily Prizes and Sunday prizes all have fixed amount prizes awarded by ticket. If you have two tickets, you'll win twice the cash you'd have won playing with only one ticket.

In our Postcode Millions draws, a prize pot is allocated to one postcode sector. Players in that postcode sector share the money according to how many tickets they have and their Postcode Million Points. The more tickets you play with and the longer you've been playing (measured by Postcode Million Points), the more money you win.

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£25,000 Cheque

How can I find out whether I’ve won?
Finding out the winning postcodes is easy - simply visit the Draw Results section or call us on freephone number 0808-1098765.

When will I receive my winnings?

If you pay by Direct Debit or if you signed up by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal but have already registered your bank account details with us, your prize money will be transferred to your bank account within 28 days. If you haven’t registered your bank details with us yet, please ring us on freephone number 0808-1098765 and we can arrange to pay your winnings.

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Postcode Millions & Postcode Millions Points

Postcode Millions winners Postcode Millions winners

In 2016, we have special Postcode Millions draws every month, giving our players the chance to win their share of massive £3 Million prize pots.

Do I need to buy separate tickets for the Postcode Million draws?
No, you will automatically be entered into Postcode Million draws. But don't forget – the more tickets you play with, the greater your share of the prize pot!

Postcode Millions Points (previously known as rollover points or bonus points) are loyalty points guaranteeing more money for players who have played for longer. Players with more points will win a greater share of the Postcode Millions prize pot. As soon as you start playing, you start to accumulate Postcode Millions Points. These points are reset at the beginning of each year.

* In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, the maximum amount that can be won by a single ticket is 10% of the monthly UK ticket sales (up to and not exceeding £400,000).

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Draw details and payments

Payment Methods

When do the draws take place?

You can win cash every day. Two Saturday Street Prizes happen each weekend. We announce the results of our Postcode Millions Draws on a Saturday too. We give our players lots more chances to win on other days with our Daily Prizes, our monthly BMW and £5,000 draw, our Dream Holiday prizes and our Sunday prizes. All of our Draw Results are published online.

How much will my monthly payment be?

Your monthly payment for one ticket is £10 for 10 draws paid monthly in advance.

How do the monthly payments work?

In your first month, two payments may be taken close together. These are payments for each of your first two months of play. Tickets are paid monthly in advance simply to ensure that you are in the draw from the earliest opportunity. After your first month, payments will only occur once each month. The exact timing of when these regular payments are taken depends on whether you pay by Direct Debit, Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal.

When will my direct debit payment be taken?

Direct Debit customers have their payments taken either at an early collection date (on or around the 10th of each month) or at a late collection date (around the end of each month). To find out when the payment for your ticket(s) is taken, please contact our Customer Experience team specialists on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5.

Confused about payments?

Our payment system changed a little while ago, meaning it's now even easier to manage your tickets. Previously players with more than one ticket would see a single Direct Debit mandate. Now each ticket comes out under a separate Direct Debit mandate, simplifying the process of reducing your tickets. Therefore, please don’t be alarmed if you see more than one Direct Debit mandate on your account. For any questions, please call us on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5.

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How does my ticket help good causes?

A minimum of 27.5% of the ticket price goes directly to charities. By playing People's Postcode Lottery, you not only give yourself a chance to win great prizes, but you make the world a little better. Find out more about how your ticket supports charities.

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Logos of some of the charities which our players support Logos of some of the charities which our players support

How can my charity benefit?

Money raised by our players is distributed to fantastic charities and good causes by the grant-giving trusts

and through direct beneficiary funding.

Visit to find out more about our small grants scheme, which gives grants of between £500 and £20,000 to local projects and charities.

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Changing details and tickets

How can I reduce the number of tickets I play or cancel completely?

Simply call us on freephone number 0808-1098765 and our Customer Experience team specialists can make the change.

How can I change my personal information, including address, bank details etc?

  • You can arrange amendments to all personal information by calling us on freephone number 0808-1098765

  • You can submit a request for a change by post. Please write to the address below, stating what your previous details were and what you’d like to change them to be. You can also email your request to If you are seeking any changes to your account, please note your full name, address and date of birth in your email.

People's Postcode Lottery

76 George Street



United Kingdom

All requests will receive written confirmation of receipt and of any changes made.

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Marketing and mailers

An envelope

I already play the lottery so why are you sending me letters to join?

Sometimes we send out materials to existing players giving them the option of signing up for more tickets. The more tickets you play, the greater your share of the prize if your postcode is drawn as a winning postcode. You may also receive some unaddressed mail. However, if you wish not to receive any unsolicited mail you can register yourself with the UK’s Mailing Preference Service, and you’ll no longer receive such post.

How can I be removed from an email mailing list?
Simply click the unsubscribe button in the email you have received and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can call our Customer Experience team specialists on freephone number 0808-1098765 and ask them to remove you from the list, or email us.

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Fraudsters and scams

Periodically, fraudsters will run lottery scams. Sometimes, these scams can involve an individual posing as People's Postcode Lottery. The scammers contact members of the public by letter, email, phonecall or SMS message. The scammers will then claim that their target is a winner of a special lottery award. The fraudsters will often then ask for payment or your bank details before they will transfer any 'winnings'.

People's Postcode Lottery warns the public that these communications are scams and should be ignored.

We encourage anyone who has encountered a scam to report it to Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud reporting centre. For more information visit

People's Postcode Lottery takes such matters very seriously and urge the public to be vigilant and look out for key warning signs in any communication telling them they have won any lottery:

  • You cannot win a lottery unless you have entered.

  • Legitimate lotteries don't ask you to pay taxes, custom fees, insurance shipping or handling or any other fee before receiving your 'winnings'.

  • You will often be asked to send money upfront to the perpetrators by money transfer.

If you are unsure about a communication, please call our Customer Services team on 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5 or email us on and staff will be happy to advise.

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