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Who are Novamedia?

Novamedia, the parent company of People's Postcode Lottery, is the owner of the Postcode Lottery format and operates five charity lotteries:

Novamedia is based in the Netherlands.

What is a charity lottery?

In different parts of the world, private lotteries donate a set percentage of their ticket price to good causes.

Internationally, the Postcode Lottery operation has contributed over €6.6 BILLION to charitable projects and organisations throughout the world, and over £113 Million in Britain.

This funding has enabled valuable work to be carried out in the areas of regeneration and community, poverty relief, children's wellbeing and nature conservation. You can find out more about Novamedia's international charity work at the Novamedia website.

Novamedia Novamedia
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Making the world a better place

Tony Blair on Climate Change

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

The Dutch Postcode Lottery invited Tony Blair to discuss climate change solutions.