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Children North East has used funding from players to help over 11,500 children and young people live happy and healthy lives.

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£2 million has been raised for our charities

7 August 2009

£2 million has been raised for our charities £2 million has been raised for our charities

Congratulations! A staggering £2 million has been raised for our charities, and it’s all down to you, our players. That’s £2 million gone to local causes in your area, whether it’s caring for nature and conserving wildlife or children’s well being, every ticket you’ve played with has contributed to reaching this milestone. In the past year we’ve added new charities, like Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and Missing People- meaning your ticket now helps more deserving charities than ever. We could not have achieved this without you- thank you.

Our charities include Children North East, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Missing People, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Daisy Chain and Maggie’s Cancer caring Centres.

This month we received thank you letters from these charities, applauding this landmark figure and emphasizing quite how important the partnership with the People’s Postcode Lottery is to them. Maggie’s thanked you from “the bottom of our hearts” while Northumberland Wildlife Trust said “your funding is making a real difference to our charity”. And YDMT praised the “invaluable support” from players, adding “This simply wouldn’t have been possible without you

Just some of the grateful praise from our charities- and with £2 million having been raised for so far, it’s clear to see the impact you’ve made is huge!

The total raised for charities is completely down to proceeds from People's Postcode Lottery players. With your help, we can give even more money to worthy causes - sign up now to help these great organisations.