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Christmas Tree Cutting Event With Northumberland Wildlife Trust

02 December 2010

A Scots Pine Tree

What better way to forget about the snow than by joining Northumberland Wildlife Trust (NWT) at its annual Christmas tree cutting event.


The event is on Sunday 12 December, between 11am and 1pm, at the East Chevington Nature Reserve

The Trust is offering members of the public the opportunity to select and cut down their own scots pine or lodgepole pine tree in return for a £15 donation.

Alex Lister, Estates Officer with the Trust, and his team of volunteers will be available to help if you don’t want to chop the tree down yourself.  You will need your own vehicle to transport the tree home.


Both scots and lodgepole pines emit a wonderful pine fragrance and have lovely long, thin blue/green needles that stay on the tree rather than drop like firs or spruces.


Please contact Laura Lowther at Northumberland Wildlife Trust on 0191 284 6884 to book your time slot.  There are still a few places left, so call Laura now to avoid any disappointment.  Seasonal refreshments will also be available on the day.

If you would like to support NWT in their wildlife conservation work, sign up to play the Postcode Lottery now or visit for further details of their projects.