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Missing People And Kate McCann Launch Nationwide Campaign

11 July 2012

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Kate McCann launches unprecedented Missing People billboard campaign

Kate McCann, as an Ambassador of Missing People, launched the new digital billboard campaign Kate McCann, as an Ambassador of Missing People, launched the new digital billboard campaign

Today, Kate McCann will launch the biggest digital billboard campaign in British history. In her first official role as Ambassador of Missing People – a charity supported by you, the players of People's Postcode Lottery – she will support the unprecedented campaign, which sees a network of billboards publicise people missing across the UK. 

The campaign is being organised by the Outdoor Media Centre and produced by Grand Visual. The value of the advertising space donated is estimated at over £1 Million. The campaign is hoped to reach over 10 Million adults during the summer months and the Olympics. Staff and volunteers at Missing People will also be able to update the appeals instantly to billboards, with details of the latest high-risk individuals.

The campaign will see appeals on donated digital billboards in major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. It will run across rail and underground networks, on high streets and in shopping centres.

The advertisements will include details of individual missing people, creating awareness of the new number to call for sightings – 116 000 – and harnessing the public's help to join the search.

Kate McCann, a new Ambassador for Missing People, said: “When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search. Missing People, the Outdoor Media Centre and its members are providing an unprecedented opportunity to help safely reconnect missing children.


More than 250,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK – worryingly they could fill the Olympic Stadium three times over. Thankfully, campaigns like this can play a vital part in the search. In May, two youngsters featured in the charity's ‘Big Tweet for Missing Children’ were found safely.


Players of People’s Postcode Lottery give their fantastic support to Missing People and have raised over £1.8 Million to date for the charity. This vital funding is used to support their searches for those thousands of people who go missing every single day across the country.