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Peregrine Chicks Hatch At Falls Of Clyde

11 May 2011

Two baby falcons have hatched safe and well – thanks to a 24 hour guard made possible by our players

The peregrine nest site, as seen on the online nest camera The peregrine nest site, as seen on the online nest camera

The peregrine chicks hatched at the Falls of Clyde nature reserve following a round-the-clock stakeout by Scottish Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers. They will continue monitoring the nest to protect the chicks throughout the breeding season.


The chicks’ parents have been breeding at the site for 14 years now.


Tom Hall is Scottish Wildlife Trust's Peregrine Protection Officer.  Tom was appointed thanks to funding from People's Postcode Lottery.  He said:  “The chicks arrived right on time this year, which is a great relief because it means our resident breeding peregrines are still very healthy and fertile.”


The first baby bird arrived on Friday 30 April. It was followed by a second chick just hours later on Saturday 01 May. A third egg is still being incubated and could hatch any day now.


Tom added: “This is good news for both chicks because they begin life close in age and will both hopefully be able to hold their own on the nest and share the food their parents bring in for them.”


Nature lovers can watch close up footage of the chicks in their natural habitat at the Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre. The Scottish Wildlife Trust also runs an online nest camera and a wildlife blog at


Our players have raised over £1.5 million for the Scottish Wildlife Trust to date. This money is helping to bring people closer to nature and protect Scotland’s wildlife for the future.