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Woodland Workout

01 July 2011

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If You Go Down to the Woods Today… You’re sure to find a fitter you!

A family out cycling in the countryside

Thanks to funds raised by Postcode Lottery players, VisitWoods has created a Woodland Workout to get you exploring your local Scottish woods this summer.


Created by professionally qualified personal trainer, Annette George, the workout is free to download.  It combines exercises for all ages and abilities.  Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just want to increase your fitness, you can find a programme that works for you.


Indoor facilities can be intimidating and expensive to use but exercising in a wood is free,” says Annette. “From a gentle walk to a full on workout, you can find all you need out in the woods, and has a whole host of ideas to inspire you.


The tool is free to download from the website.  On the site, you can also locate your nearest woods.  There are tips on wood friendly activities, helpfully divided into cycling, walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding.

And the benefits aren’t just limited to the body.  Trees and woods are proven to have a restorative and therapeutic effect on your mind, improving mental wellbeing.


VisitWoods is a partnership project with the Woodland Trust – a Postcode Lottery funded charity. The Woodland Trust strives to get people interested in their local environment and make the most of their natural health benefits.