Responsible Play


People's Postcode Lottery is an External Lottery Manager, managing multiple society lotteries promoted by different charities supporting a range of good causes.

As a subscription based lottery, People's Postcode Lottery offers a low risk of problem gambling. However, we do understand that players may be unable to play responsibly and wish to self exclude themselves from participation.

People's Postcode Lottery promotes responsible play and, therefore, operates a simple and accessible self-exclusion policy to allow players to manage their Lottery activities. If you wish to self-exclude, please send an email to, with ‘Self-Exclusion’ in the subject line. The email should include your name and address and your wish to self exclude. Upon receipt of your email, we shall ensure that you are not entered into any future draws* and that you are not sent any promotional materials. The minimum period of exclusion is 6 months.

*Please be aware that if you have purchased tickets in our Lottery and subsequently send us a self-exclusion notification you will be entered in the draw for which payment has been received, which could result in you still being a player for the full month following exclusion notification.

Responsible Gambling

Postcode Lottery Limited is regulated by the Gambling Commission under licences 829-N-102511-007 and 829-R-102513-008.

The Lottery is only promoted to those aged 16 or older and no-one under the age of 16 is included in our promotional activities. We are committed to responsible play and work closely with GambleAware, ensuring players participate according to their own personal circumstances.

If you are worried about your gambling or that of someone close to you, visit Gamble Aware for information and support.