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Daily Prize Winner Archive

Daily Prize - £1,000 per ticket

In our Daily Prize, each lucky ticket wins £1,000.

Playing with two tickets? You pick up £2,000.

Playing with three tickets? You scoop £3,000.

Are you a winner? What happens next?

Recent Winners

31 July AB51 0UW GU34 3HB IP9 1NW RH20 1HZ WF16 9QS
30 July BA14 9TB DH1 1QA HG3 2RT KA1 3PT PA31 8TF
29 July B37 6NG DN5 7RS KA2 9ET LD1 5LU WV14 6PY
28 July BB2 4UF BH15 3DD BH8 9SS CH45 3JP M7 1BB
27 July DY7 6LB HP4 3SG PR1 1TN PR2 2BT WA11 8DZ
24 July CT21 4QJ LS17 7EB M6 7EW NG6 8TJ PO21 5TX
23 July B78 2HU NG11 7DB SK17 8DU SR4 7HT WV10 6DW
22 July DG3 4LU G61 4LB M43 7QH ME3 8BE PH11 8EX
21 July DT11 7HD KT15 1TN LL13 7BA PL6 5RY SA15 5NW
20 July CV31 1AB EX4 8DA ML2 8AS PE2 9EG TS5 7HG
17 July DA11 9DD DN6 8QT EH3 9LH G61 1AU ME4 6UN
16 July BH8 8QN CH62 9BT M5 4AF SN4 8EY WF10 2JB
15 July E14 6NN EX7 0LD LE11 5YG PL7 4PR WV10 8HL
14 July BN9 0RN CW12 1SH NG16 3EU NP23 6QA PE9 1DU
13 July DN6 7NX LE10 1SW ME10 3NS NE32 4QB SO19 6QJ
10 July DY8 3TY NN16 8PL PR1 8DW SS5 5HZ WV9 5QZ
09 July AB55 4EL CO1 1BQ DN35 7SD M5 5JL YO26 8DE
08 July BR7 6DB E15 4NX GU14 7DW NG20 8UR WS1 2BA
07 July B31 2BZ BL8 3EP CF63 2AE DH7 7DN TA1 4NG
06 July B91 3XD BS16 2DH NG6 8DL SN25 2BL WA7 1UH
03 July DN17 2SW M14 4BN NN3 3XE NR31 8PA WR15 8JH
02 July BS3 5QG DL13 1JF LE3 1EX PA7 5EG S66 2SR
01 July DN1 3SB RH14 9AS SA33 4DF ST3 7AB TS23 3AJ

Are You A Winner?

£1,000 prize winners with an email address or mobile phone number on their account will be notified on the Friday of the week of their win. 

Daily Prize winnings are usually automatically transferred into your bank account within 28 days. However, we may need you to contact us to claim your prize money, depending on how you pay for your ticket(s).

Your Daily Prize winnings will be automatically transferred if:

  • You pay by Direct Debit.

  • You pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal but have already registered your bank account details with us.

You will need to contact us to claim your Daily Prize winnings if:

  • You pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal and have not registered your bank account details with us. In this case, we'll need you to provide two forms of identification - a driver's licence or passport, and a recent bank statement clearly showing your name, account number and sort code. Please email scans of these documents to or post photocopies of these documents to People's Postcode Lottery, 76 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU. On receipt of these, your prize money will be transferred into your bank account within 28 days.

If you have any questions, please call us on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5 or see Contact Us for other ways to get in touch.


Latest Winners

Postcode Millions

1st August 2015

L35 9LQ in Rainhill

£25,000 Street Prize

1st August 2015

CF23 5SL in Cardiff

£1,000 Daily Prize

31st July 2015

AB51 0UW

GU34 3HB


RH20 1HZ

WF16 9QS

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