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Daily Prize Winner Archive

Daily Prize - £1,000 per ticket

In our Daily Prize, each lucky ticket wins £1,000.

Playing with two tickets? You pick up £2,000.

Playing with three tickets? You scoop £3,000.

Are you a winner? What happens next?

Recent Winners

03 May EX17 5AQ IP28 8PU PR8 4JB WD6 5HD WR1 1PT
02 May CF44 8SD CT21 5TH KT10 8AU NP15 1SL NR12 7AU
29 April BB10 4PF BD22 7AU G74 4TN NN8 3HB PA12 4EB
28 April BD7 2QG CF62 7JJ DN3 2PU EH16 4LR IG10 3EJ
27 April G71 7AL HP2 5NJ NR4 6AF S6 6AS SG4 7HD
26 April BN3 4AA CF5 6SS HD3 3NA LN2 2SZ NW10 3AQ
25 April B92 9PW BD22 7QN KY7 6ES SY3 9LQ UB3 2HF

Are You A Winner?

£1,000 prize winners with an email address or mobile phone number on their account will be notified on the Friday of the week of their win. 

Daily Prize winnings are usually automatically transferred into your bank account within 28 days. If you have any questions, please call us on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5 or see Contact Us for other ways to get in touch.


Latest Winners

Postcode Millions

30th April 2016

BB2 4UN in Blackburn

£25,000 Street Prize

30th April 2016

PO5 1EJ in Southsea


NE12 5BD in Killingworth

£5,000 Dream Holiday

30th April 2016

DL15 9EB in Crook

£5,000 + BMW

30th April 2016

GU14 8LW in Farnborough

£1,000 Daily Prize

3rd May 2016

EX17 5AQ

IP28 8PU




Sunday Prizes

1st May 2016

Sunday Winners

This Week's Charities

Postcode Community Trust Postcode Community Trust

Postcode Sport Trust Postcode Sport Trust

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