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March Postcode Millions 2014

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Chorlton players get lucky with £2 Million win in March Postcode Millions

Lucky Chorlton players shared a whopping £2 Million windfall in March's Postcode Millions Lucky Chorlton players shared a whopping £2 Million windfall in March's Postcode Millions

Ticket-playing residents of Chorlton, Manchester are celebrating after sharing a massive £2 Million prize pot. There were tears of joy and jubilations at the winners' event at The Lowry in Manchester where players discovered exactly how much they had won in the March Postcode Millions.

One lucky winner scooped the lion's share of the prize when M21 0GY was revealed as the full winning postcode. John Martin, 61, was joined by his daughter Elizabeth and son JJ along with JJ's girlfriend, Eleanor. Elizabeth ran on stage to give her dad a hug when he revealed his £400,000 cheque. “This is going on a car and teeth,” he exclaimed.

John celebrating his £400,000 win with his family John celebrating his £400,000 win with his family

John, who has been playing since last July, decided to sign up to help support charities. “I love People’s Postcode Lottery because of the good causes I can support by playing. Everyone should sign up as quickly as possible – it was the best decision I ever made.”

John, who was expecting to win £10,000 at the event, already has plans for his winnings. “I've wanted to get teeth implants fitted for a while now but they're very expensive. The first thing I'll do is get my new teeth and then I might treat myself to a new car. I've got my eye on the Mercedes SLC,”  he said. “Winning this money also means that I can retire from my job as a machine operator, something I've wanted to do for a while.”

A total of 25 players were part of the People's Postcode Lottery celebration, which saw residents in the M21 0 postcode sector winning prizes ranging from £22,535 to £400,000.

Margaret Taylor was joined by her husband and two sons, Ben and Kevin, who were both very keen to see how much their mum had won. Margaret was stunned when she pulled out her £67,605 cheque. “My sons can have the £605!” she joked onstage. Margaret is hoping to use the money for a stair-lift and a family trip to Florida.

Michele Buckley, 50, also walked away with £67,605 and knows exactly how she will spend it. “I feel a trip to New York Trip coming on,” she announced onstage. “I've been three times already but I've never been at Christmas. I'd love to go ice-skating in Central Park. I always go with my sister but this time, I can take my three nieces too.”

One winner, Audrey Harris, was shocked to discover she had won a brand new BMW 1 series as well as pocketing a cheque for £22,535. “I don't actually drive so I think my family will benefit from this,” she said. Audrey was joined by her daughter Wendy, who has the eye on the BMW already. “I've actually just bought myself a new car but the BMW is much nicer,” said Wendy.

As well as the big ticket winners, 50p from every £2 ticket goes to charities and good causes. One local good cause supported by players is The Biospheric Project, run by Manchester International Festival and The Biospheric Foundation. The project promotes awareness about sustainable food production processes through a range of specialist events and activities. The project also transformed a derelict mill in Salford into a thriving agricultural space thanks to £91,121 funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery.

People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt presented players with their cheques. "It's been a fantastic day in Manchester at the fabulous Lowry. We've had some really big winners here today and everyone has been thrilled to discover how much they've won. It's also been wonderful to have some of the charities supported by players here today to show winners where their money is going!"

You could win cash prizes every day of the year with People's Postcode Lottery. Players can win £25,000 every week and there are draws for £100,000, Dream Holidays and a brand new BMW every month. We have thousands of lucky winners every week. Sign up today and see what you can win!

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Chorlton Postcode Millions Winner Photos

Big winner John and our Chorlton Postcode Millions winners John and family with his massive £400,000 cheque John celebrating his amazing win with his family John celebrating with his family
Judie surprising a lucky Chorlton winner Judie surprising a lucky Chorlton winner Judie surprising a lucky Chorlton winner Judie surprising a lucky Chorlton winner
Judie with big winner John from Chorlton Our lucky Chorlton winners

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