Woodland Trust is seeking nominations for Tree of the Year, with the prospect of extra years of life for the most popular entries.

The competition, supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery, is open to any living tree in the UK with a story behind it.

Following nominations, an independent panel of experts will draw up a shortlist of trees to go to a public vote. Trees of the Year will be named in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The winning trees, as well as any trees that receive over 1,000 votes, will receive a bespoke 'Tree LC' pamper package to improve their lives.

"The needs of the individual trees will be put first," said Jill Butler from the Woodland Trust. "A bespoke care package to help their future prospects is our priority. However, it could also involve a celebratory event or educational materials.

"In all, this will be TLC for the tree – a physical check-up and health plan, or a party to celebrate its place in people's hearts."

Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People's Postcode Lottery said, "On behalf of our players, we're delighted to continue to support the Woodland Trust in their search for our nations' best loved trees. The competition encourages communities to champion the amazing trees close to them and emphasises the importance of giving them better protection."

Any individual or organisation can nominate their favourite. The individual trees should have a story behind them – from longstanding legends to memorials or personal connections.

The winning tree will receive £1,000 worth of bespoke care, which might include pruning, weeding, fencing or mulching – or events and educational materials. Any tree with over 1,000 votes will receive £500 worth of care.

Each country's individual Tree of the Year will go on to represent that nation in the European Tree of the Year competition, organised by the Environmental Partnership Association.

For more information about the competition, and to submit your nomination, by 29th July, visit the Tree of the Year website.

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Scotland's Suffragette Oak, planted to commemorate women's suffrage, was Scotland's 2015 Tree of the Year