War Child is an international children's rights charity focused on the protection and education of children and young people whose lives have been torn apart by conflict. They bridge the gap between emergency aid and long term development, and focus on supporting the most vulnerable children in the world.

To date, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised £558,934 for War Child, allowing the charity to deliver lifesaving support to thousands of children in war zones.

2014 was the worst year for displacement due to conflict since the Second World War. 2015 is on course to be worse still. Tragically, the people that are most affected are children. 66% of those killed in conflict are under the age of 18. Of those that survive, more than 50% are children. Unfortunately, less than 3% of foreign aid is spent on their protection and education.

The international aid system focuses on material needs, but the truth is that while food, water and shelter are daily necessities, they do not keep a child in war safe from violence, abuse and trauma.

War Child's most ambitious campaign to date, HELP, aims to force the international community to recognise this issue and devote funding to the protection and education of children in conflict zones.

The HELP campaign will build public support and gather evidence to influence global leaders in the build-up to the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016. War Child is hoping to get 50,000 people to sign the HELP petition. You can add your voice to their call for action by visiting the War Child website.

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War Child's HELP campaign seeks to deliver support to thousands of children in conflict zones around the world