Woodland Trust Scotland have shared the good news that ospreys Aila and Louis have returned to the nest at Loch Arkaig Pine Forest.

The osprey nest camera has recently been turned on for its second year. The camera operates thanks to support from People's Postcode Lottery players. It has allowed Woodland Trust Scotland to share a flavour of this stunning wild place to an audience all over Britain and worldwide. In addition, daring climbers have just built two new nesting platforms in a bid to attract more of these amazing birds to nest in the area. Two more platforms will be built later in the year.

Loch Arkaig is one of the most significant remaining fragments of ancient Caledonian pinewood left, but it has been degraded through planting of non-native species. Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are lead funders of a long-term project to restore the woodland to its full natural glory.

The ospreys returned on 6th April, and Woodland Trust Scotland is hoping eggs will be laid by mid-May. Keep up with all the action at woodlandtrust.org.uk/ospreycam

And to catch up on last year's adventures, watch Aila and Louis' chick Lachlan's story.

Find out more about the returning birds on the Woodland Trust blog.

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Viewers last year got to see Lachlan, Louis and Aila's chick, grow up (image credit: WTML/LewisPate)