Theirworld is an innovative charity which helps children to fulfil their potential. It is committed to giving the most vulnerable children around the world hope for the future.

Theirworld is at the forefront of testing and shaping new ideas. These ideas aim to give children in the United Kingdom, and around the world, the best possible start in life.

Theirworld is determined to find solutions to make the impossible not just achievable but probable.

Worldwide, there are currently 121 million children and young people who are not in school. The vast majority of them are in countries affected by conflict and emergency, but the charity believes that no child should have to miss out on their right to education and protection.

The conflict in Syria is now in its sixth year. More than 14 million children are affected across the region, with over 2 million living as refugees in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

Since 2013, Theirworld has been working to expand access to education for Syrian refugees through research, advocacy, and campaigning. Working with governments, international partners and NGOs, the charity has sought to address the large number of refugee children who were being denied the opportunity to go to school and learn.

With the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery, Theirworld was able to undertake new research into a double shift system of schooling. This project tested a system that would enable Lebanese children to go to school in the morning and Syrian children in the afternoon using the same schools, teachers, and curricula.

Children in Lebanon are now settling in to the start of a new school year, and among them will be 220,000 Syrian refugee children. Thanks to this system, the children will have the chance of a brighter future through education.

However, there are still many more children who are not so lucky. That's why, with player funding, Theirworld will continue to tackle the many obstacles that keep children from an education, such as language barriers, hunger, and social stigmas.

Theirworld President Sarah Brown said, "At Theirworld we know that the impossible only becomes probable when we dare to reach for the high-hanging fruit and clasp it tightly in our hand. Dare to act on dreams and have the patience to see it through.

"With thanks to the players of People's Postcode Lottery, we are making what seemed impossible - getting every child into school and learning - probable."

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Theirworld helps children all over the world access education