Our seas and beaches have a brighter outlook from today, as the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has a new source of funding, thanks to the generous support of players of People's Postcode Lottery. That funding will enable MCS to embark on projects to both tackle beach litter and educate the public on buying sustainable seafood.

A fantastic £175,000 funding means MCS will now be able to get several thousand more volunteers out on local beaches during 2015 to clean up rubbish and trace it to its source.

"Litter levels have been rising, not falling, through the years we've surveyed beaches," says Sam Fanshawe, MCS's Chief Executive. "If we're to turn the tide on litter, and remove the threat that litter poses to wildlife and to people, we need to scale up our beach litter clean up and survey work. That's why this support is so timely. It is really exciting that with the support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, we can get even more people actively involved in not only removing rubbish from our beaches, but finding out where it comes from so we can stop it getting there in the future."

Aditionally, new advice guides and mobile phone apps will be made available for shoppers to take to the supermarket or fish and chip shop, giving them the power to choose the most sustainable seafood possible. With over 70% of European fish stocks classed as overfished or depleted, the public needs these tools to make the right choices at the fish counter.

Giving her support to this new relationship, TV adventurer and presenter Kate Humble said, "The Marine Conservation Society is doing fantastic work to ensure that our coastline, our beaches and our sea can be enjoyed for generations to come, and most importantly, can remain thriving habitats for some of the most wonderful wildlife we have. Support from players of People's Postcode Lottery will be invaluable in helping the Society to keep our seas fit for all life, and for all of us."

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