Just by playing, you’ve helped raise an incredible £1.5 million for CHILDREN 1st to date.

One of the services you support is the Chill Out Zone (COZ). This is a healthy living centre for young people aged 12 to 20 who live in West Lothian.

COZ is a safe and friendly place where young people can get important information about healthy living.

The Bathgate centre hosts a drop in service which young people can use in their own time to get information, counselling and advice. Or they can make an appointment with a nurse and a counsellor to talk about sensitive health matters.

They can learn cooking skills at our healthy eating café. Or they can just chill out with their friends and talk about what's on their mind.

The young people who come to COZ wanted to tell you themselves what your support means to them:

Tom: “COZ is Fun; you get something healthy to eat. It keeps me out of trouble. You can go to COZ to get help and support so thank you for donating £78,000 to our charity”

Graham: “I’m glad you donated to CHILDREN 1ST. I go to the COZ football training every Monday and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy the COZ drop-ins.”

Kate: “Without COZ I would have nothing to do at night. Its introduced me to new people and the activities are great, So a BIG thank you from me to you! Xxx.”

Anna: “WOOH! Over £78,000 donated from the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. I thank you for somewhere to go at night time when it’s dark and cold.”

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