As Scotland's national children's charity, Children 1st's Create a Smile campaign asks people to show Scotland's children they all deserve lives free from abuse and neglect. The charity is asking people to go online and create a unique smiling child's face and share it on social media.

The campaign aims to send a message of hope that children and families who have suffered abuse or neglect can recover from their experiences and find new reasons to smile.

Children 1st Chief Executive Alison Todd said, "A high number of children in Scotland are affected by abuse every year.

"Without the right support, the experience of abuse can be devastating – but it doesn't have to be that way. At Children 1st, we help children and their families across Scotland to move on from their traumatic experiences and rediscover their hopes and dreams.

"We're asking the public to show their support for children who have experienced abuse by joining our Create a Smile campaign.

"We'd like to thank everyone who's helped us bring this campaign to life, especially the players of People's Postcode Lottery, whose support and commitment to Scotland's children has helped to create this initiative."

There were over 5,000 offences of sexual abuse and cruelty against Scotland's children last year.

Every day, Children 1st is supporting children, their families and carers to recover from the physical and emotional impacts of abuse. The charity helps children who have been abused to overcome feelings of helplessness and trauma by providing a welcoming, safe, and creative environment to work through their past experiences.

The charity's trauma recovery workers support children and their families to understand they are not to blame, to believe in themselves, re-discover their confidence, and know that they can have some control over the direction of their futures.

Create your own smile for the campaign on the Create a Smile website.

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The Create a Smile campaign aims to give hope to children who have suffered abuse