Charity Womankind has announced a new project in Ethiopia working with Setaweet, a home-grown feminist movement dedicated to achieving gender equality for Ethiopian women and girls.

Thanks to support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, Womankind and Setaweet will be working with secondary school students to challenge the underlying causes of gender inequality. Unfortunately, this inequality has contributed to a tolerance of violence against women and girls in Ethiopian society. Players have awarded an incredible £200,000 to support Womankind with its work tackling this issue.

In Ethiopia, it is common for women and girls to be discriminated against, and over two-thirds of women will experience rape or violence in their lifetime. From childhood, young girls and boys grow up to learn traditional gender roles and behaviours, and bring these ideas into their teenage years at secondary school. Discrimination and violence against girls therefore continues to go unchallenged and becomes a normal part of life in adulthood.

Womankind and Setaweet's new project will pilot an innovative gender curriculum within two secondary schools, aimed at changing how boys and girls view and behave towards each other. Over 200 teachers will be trained to deliver the curriculum to 10,000 students. Both male and female-only spaces will be created so that boys and girls can challenge and question assumptions around gender within a safe environment.

It is hoped that the project will ultimately contribute to the creation of a new generation of Ethiopian men and women who no longer tolerate violence and discrimination against women and girls.

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Womankind has received funding to help educate boys and girls about gender inequality