Magic Breakfast is a UK charity that ensures that no child is too hungry to learn by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. The charity passionately believes that no child should miss out on the opportunity to improve their chances in life because they are too hungry to concentrate at school. A hungry, distracted child will miss out on half a day of lessons every day if not given anything to eat.

Magic Breakfast supports schools where a high proportion of pupils are eligible for free school meals, delivering nutritious food and bespoke advice on the very best way to reach every malnourished and vulnerable child. All this is accomplished for 22p per child per day.

The charity works with 480 primary, secondary and special educational needs schools, plus pupil referral units. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have awarded Magic Breakfast a fantastic £550,000 in the last two years – enough to provide a mind-boggling 2.5 million healthy breakfasts!

Surrey Square Primary is a bustling, dynamic and nurturing school in London and has been receiving Magic Breakfasts since 2010. Because of the profoundly positive difference their breakfast provision makes to pupils, the school has just expanded it. So, from reaching 130 pupils at the start of term, 400 children will now enjoy a delicious and sociable breakfast at school each morning.

One Surrey Square Primary pupil explained why he liked breakfast club. "I can talk to my friends and have something to eat. If I don't have breakfast, I won't be able to do my work properly."

Nicola Noble, Head Teacher at Surrey Square Primary, said the school's Magic Breakfast club had had a really big impact on punctuality. "The children really want to be there."

Carmel McConnell, founder and Chief Executive of Magic Breakfast, said, "A big thank you to players of People's Postcode Lottery for helping to ensure that over 23,500 schoolchildren, including the amazing pupils at Surrey Square Primary, eat a healthy breakfast every day as fuel for learning."

The effect of a welcoming school breakfast on a vulnerable child is truly magical. A breakfast club, open to all without stigma or social barriers, means every child is nourished, settled and ready to learn at the start of the school day. This results in improved learning for the most disadvantaged children, a better classroom experience for all and improved outcomes for the wider community.

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Magic Breakfast has provided healthy breakfasts to 23,500 children in British schools