The Energy Garden has already transformed 22 overground railway stations across London after winning People's Postcode Lottery's Dream Fund in 2015. Fruit and vegetables are now grown around, or even on, some platforms. One station - Brondesbury Park - even produces its own ale.

For two years, the Energy Garden team supported communities across the capital to transform their local station platforms. Each garden is a unique expression of the needs and desires of the local people who maintain them. The installation follows a design process that takes direction through a public consultation process.

So far, the 22 gardens which collaborate with over 60 local community groups incorporate a diverse range of features, focusing on different local needs. Some gardens promote biodiversity through wildflower meadows and gigantic 'bug-huts'. Others improve local air quality with innovative 'living walls' packed with dense foliage proven to act as a barrier against harmful particles. A number of gardens focus on producing food and herbs for the public to enjoy. Across the network there are common themes, such as solar-powered water pumps and the growing of hops wherever appropriate for an annual harvest of 'Energy Garden Ale' (the 2016 crop producing 150 litres).

Beyond the physical outputs, the program is helping build resilient communities and improving the health and well-being of Londoners. The Energy Garden partnership – Groundwork London, Repowering London and Transport for London - was awarded £750,000 for the project through the Postcode Lottery Dream Fund. The project continues to grow and is soon launching a multi-million pound share offer which it will invest into renewable energy to establish long term financial security.

The Dream Fund welcomes collaboration between charities and good causes, bringing them together to apply for funding to finance their dream project – an idea they have always wanted to deliver but never had the opportunity to develop.

There is just one day left to apply for a share of a massive £3 Million funding pot. People's Postcode Lottery's Dream Fund is looking for charities and good causes to apply for funding to bring their dream project to life.

Energy Garden founder Agamemnon Otero is urging anyone with an innovative idea to apply. Agamemnon said, "The dream of making Energy Garden a reality was made possible by players of People's Postcode Lottery through the Dream Fund. Having their financial support was only half of the gift, just as valuable was the support and encouragement provided by the team and the kudos the project gained from simply working with the Trust. Funding from players has been invaluable and I would recommend anyone to apply to the Dream Fund and make their dream become a reality."

Applications for the Dream Fund close on Tuesday 22nd August. Winners will be announced in January 2018. Charities can register for an account and make their application at

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The Energy Garden team works with London communities to transform local stations