Since 2015, our players have raised over £1.1 Million for charity AfriKids. This has helped the group to keep more children happy, healthy and attending school.

AfriKids is an award-winning children's rights charity that works in the poorest regions of northern Ghana, where more than half of families live on under £1.50 per day. Financial pressures mean that children are vulnerable to life on the streets. Those with disabilities face a high-risk of abuse and neglect, and children often lose their chance to change their futures due to poor education. AfriKids supports communities through health, child protection and education initiatives to overcome these challenges and ensure that children in Ghana get their time to shine.

One of these children is Gerald. When AfriKids first met Gerald, he couldn't control his neck, sit or stand. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and had a life-threatening condition called hydrocephalus - which means he had too much fluid on his brain. In rural northern Ghana health services can be limited. There is little support for children with disabilities, especially if they have medical conditions that require specialist care.

Gerald's mother didn't understand his conditions, nor did she know how to help her son. This changed four years ago when Gerald and his mother met Joe.

Joe works for AfriKids to ensure vulnerable children with disabilities are able to access the healthcare, education and welfare services they need to thrive. Joe referred Gerald to a specialist physiotherapy centre. There, Gerald worked with a physiotherapist to strengthen his muscles, and soon enough he had learnt to hold his head up, he was sitting alone and standing. His mother also received training so that she could continue his therapy at home. Then, in the summer of this year, Gerald had successful life-saving surgery to reduce the fluid around his brain.

Gerald's mother can now see the light at the end of tunnel. Her son has taken his first steps and he is progressing far beyond her expectations. She is excited and optimistic about the future and Gerald is looking forward to starting school soon.

Thanks to our players, AfriKids have been able to help vulnerable children like Gerald move forward and make strides towards a brighter future.

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Players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £1.1 Million for charity AfriKids