Two beavers who were released into Knapdale Forest, Argyll by the Scottish Beavers partnership seem to be getting on swimmingly, after recent video footage revealed the pair grooming each other.

The duo includes Harris, who was born at the Wildwood Trust in Kent and released in March 2018. He was deemed to be a suitable partner for Alba, who was released in October 2017.

Scottish Beavers is a partnership between the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the RZSS to continue the work of the Scottish Beaver Trial.

With the help of People's Postcode Lottery players, they are now focused on reinforcing the beaver population in Knapdale.

Post-release monitoring produced hundreds of video clips of both Alba and Harris, but never showed footage of the pair together. In June 2018, footage was found of the pair grooming each another.

By modifying their surroundings through coppicing, feeding and damming, beavers create ponds and wetlands. This attracts other species, providing a food source and even helping to improve water quality. For this reason, they are known as a 'keystone' species.

Support from players of People's Postcode Lottery helps to support RZSS conservation work in the Scottish Beavers programme and other conservation projects. To date, players have raised over £1.3 Million for RZSS.

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Harris (pictured) was deemed a suitable partner for Alba. He was released into Knapdale Forest in March 2018.