Working in Ghana, AfriKids supports some of the world's poorest children and families to secure a better life. In a region where 1 in 16 children die before their fifth birthday, and more than half of all families survive on less than £2.36 per day, keeping children healthy, safe and in school can be an impossible struggle for even the most hardworking parents.

AfriKids wants to see a world where every child is happy and healthy, with the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Their work involves:

  • Improving education and healthcare services
  • Getting children off the streets and out of child labour
  • Providing parents with small loans to grow family businesses
  • Abolishing harmful practices like the Spirit Child Phenomenon and child marriage by promoting child rights and supporting families with special needs.

AfriKids believes breaking the cycle of poverty requires a hand up rather than a handout. This is why their approach is to listen to what communities know they need, empower them to make the changes themselves and ensure these changes can be sustained. Their team in Ghana is entirely local; people facing issues themselves and working hard to create a brighter future for the next generation.

To date, players of People's Postcode Lottery have awarded AfriKids £250,000, helping to launch projects like Futures' Freedom to tackle child marriage and support existing programmes like The School of Night Rabbits, a very special night school for street children.

Afrikids found an eleven-year-old sleeping in the lorry park in Bolgatanga. To protect his identity, he will be referred to as Asiba.

His father had recently died and his mum was struggling to care for the family, so Asiba took to the streets to earn whatever he could to pay for the books he needed to stay in school. Sleeping rough and working all day for around £1, life was incredibly tough, and completing school was starting to feel like an impossible dream.

Saratu, a local teacher from Bolgatanga and volunteer at The School of Night Rabbits, is a trusted and respected friend to kids living on the city's streets. She found Asiba and encouraged him to enrol at The School of Night Rabbits so he could continue learning, while AfriKids worked with his family to stabilise life at home. Asiba is now back with his family and in school full-time.

Saratu continues to visit him and encourages him to pursue his dream of becoming a mechanic once he completes school. They have become friends for life.

AfriKids, and programmes like The School of Night Rabbits, help give children like Asiba the hand up they need to change their lives for good.

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AfriKids' aim is for every child to be healthy and happy