Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries has been ranked as the largest fundraising private charity donor in the world by London business newspaper City A.M. in the City A.M. World Charity Index 2015.

This is the first year that City A.M. has produced a list of fundraising private charity donors and ranks the total amount awarded to good causes by private charity donors in 2014. Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries tops the inaugural list with £469 Million awarded to charities in 2014.

Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries CEO Boudewijn Poelmann, said: "We believe the world is better off with strong civil society organisations. There is no change without them. Our mission is to raise funds for these organisations and to increase awareness for their work. Our fundraising lottery model with such ahigh contribution to charities of almost £5.5 Billion to date is unique in the world and we're extremely proud of it."

In addition to this, Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries is also the third largest private charitable donor in the world for 2014. Topping the list was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with £2,059 Million, followed by the Wellcome Trust with £556 Million and Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries with £469 Million.

The full City A.M. Charity Index appeared in the 'City A.M. Giving' magazine on Thursday 17th December. The issue also features several charities supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery including Maggie's, Missing People and Opportunity International.

Four years ago, City A.M. issued the first World Charity Index, a ranking of the world's largest donors to charity. The City A.M. World Charity Index is researched and ranked by Professor Dr. Theo Schuyt (VU University Amsterdam, University of Maastricht and Chair of the European Research Network on Philanthropy) and his team.

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Newspaper City A.M. ranks Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries as the largest fundraising private charity donor in the world