Groundwork London and Repowering London's Energy Gardens partnership aims to turn 50 London Overground Rail Operations railway stations into greener spaces. These stations will provide sustainable volunteering and training opportunities to grow edible produce and transform under-utilised public spaces.

Groundwork London and Repowering London's partnership has been made possible thanks to their win in People's Postcode Lottery's 2015 Dream Fund. The project was awarded £750,000 by players.

Over the next two years, the Energy Gardens team will be supporting communities across London to transform London Overground platforms and stations into thriving gardens that will incorporate food growing plots and facilities to collect solar energy. This will provide on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other small-scale station amenities.

The project has plans to identify a larger solar energy site in order to generate a long-term income for the gardens. The gardens will also provide training opportunities and waged horticulture apprenticeships for young people.

Groundwork will be inviting Londoners to tell them which London Overground stations they'd like to see transformed into Energy Gardens. To nominate your local London Overground station, tweet the Energy Garden team at @GroundworkLON using the hashtag #greenmyoverground.

They will be accepting expressions of interest from small groups of local residents, commuters or local business owners who'd like to work with them to transform their local station into an Energy Garden.

Alternatively, you can visit the Energy Gardens website to submit your expressions of interest.

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