A parrot in Yorkshire has begun calling like an osprey after its owners became addicted to online footage from a nest in the Scottish Highlands.

Sailor is a 24-year-old African grey parrot who lives with Stuart and Sue Brannen in Seamer, just outside Scarborough.

She has been mimicking the hunger call of Aila, a female osprey whose nest is fitted with a camera that can be viewed live online.

The nest is at Loch Arkaig Forest near Spean Bridge in Lochaber, recently purchased by Woodland Trust Scotland in partnership with local group Arkaig Community Forest. The nest camera, which is supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery, is solar powered and will beam out live footage throughout the summer. The osprey pair have been named Louis and Aila.

The Brannens have been glued to the drama. "We both have tablets and it has been riveting to watch Louis and Aila, the osprey pair in Scotland," said Stuart, who is a retired merchant seaman.

"We have had the website on so much Sailor has started to mimic the pleading cry Aila makes when she wants Louis to feed her. It is remarkable! If you are in the other room, you can't tell if it is the osprey or the parrot making the noise."

George Anderson of Woodland Trust Scotland said, "It seems our nest cam has brought a real call of the wild into people's homes. Aside from Sailor, we have heard there is a budgie somewhere which also thinks it's an osprey now! So long as they don't leave off the cuttlefish and develop a taste for fresh trout."

"Ospreys are very unconcerned by cameras, so there are quite a few pairs people can watch. Some fans keep tabs on lots of different nests. We get comments below our live feed where visitors compare and contrast how birds are doing around the country. Its clearly quite addictive. Some people are glued to the tennis or cricket, while others are glued to the ospreys.

"We were able to buy this amazing forest thanks to people all over the UK and beyond contributing to the appeal, including players of People's Postcode Lottery. It is a wild and remote place so not everyone will be able to visit. We thought this nest camera would be a nice way to give everyone a flavour wherever they may be."

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Sailor the parrot has recently been calling like an osprey