Without plants, there would be no life on earth. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) extends over four gardens boasting a rich living collection of plants and is a world-renowned centre for plant science and education. The experts at RBGE have been studying shrubs and flowers for over 330 years. This beautiful site is therefore the perfect place to document and conserve the world's diversity of plantlife.

RBGE's gardening specialists run many global plant collecting expeditions. These trips are a critical part of their work as they allow them to collect seeds and learn about the vegetation of the planet. RBGE recently ran an activity trail to share this knowledge with the public and give them an opportunity to experience what such an expedition would be like.

The activity trail encouraged children and adults to imagine that they had travelled to equatorial Malaysia, preparing firstly at base camp, before heading into the glasshouses to experience a similar humid environment packed with vegetation and plant life.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery support Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and particularly, the Edible Gardening Project. Funding from our players helps these kinds of expeditions to take place and ensures that many people can take part in the educational activity trails.

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