Twenty-three years ago, Dr Hugo Tempelman realised that something should, and could, be done about the misery and suffering of a community in the Moutse Valley of rural Limpopo, where he was practising medicine.

Soon after, the newly-founded Ndlovu Medical Centre not only offered health services, but also promoted awareness of HIV and the necessity of early treatment. This was a very difficult task in a community fraught with prejudice and superstition. Defaulter tracing, palliative care for AIDS and TB patients, and a maternity clinic with a prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme became additional life-savers for the community.

The Ndlovu Nutritional Unit was initiated two years later, integrating healthcare and a comprehensive childcare course for those with children. This became the model for four more Ndlovu Nutritional Units.

95% of Ndlovu staff are recruited from the community and extensively trained to fit specific niches. Computer literacy training for Ndlovu staff and the community was initiated, as well as a waste removal program, strategically placed bore-holes, and the beautiful and much-utilised Miracle Theatre.

Ndlovu Care Group aligns Child and Community Care Programs to the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. This ensures that there is intelligent structure to care-giving, starting with the basic and most urgent needs of the individual and steadily introducing opportunities to promote eventual self-actualisation.

This is achieved through the identification and nurturing of the individual's talents, abilities, and skills with niche designed programs such as the Ndlovu Youth Choir. Ndlovu Care Group owes its reputation for well-designed programs to a tried and tested system of in-depth research, through the internationally supported Ndlovu Research Consortium.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, funding worth a whopping £1 Million has been allocated, particularly to the Ndlovu Child Care Programs, over the last five years.

With players of People's Postcode Lottery's support, Ndlovu programs have been able to provide comprehensive care to children from childhood to adulthood, to realise the Ndlovu Vision: providing opportunities and hope through innovative Healthcare, Childcare, Community Development and Research.

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Ndlovu Care Group hosting the World Doctors' Orchestra at the Miracle Theatre