It's not just players that win with People's Postcode Lottery. A minimum of 30% of each ticket price goes to a range of amazing charities and deserving community projects. Registered charities, voluntary organisations, community interest groups and social enterprises are all able to apply for grants from People's Postcode Trust, Postcode Community Trust and Postcode Local Trust.

A wide range of groups and organisations are funded across England, Scotland and Wales. Three worthy projects and organisations which have recently received funding are Encounter, The Cedars and The Yard.


Encounter is a project to develop a new partnership between g39, an arts organisation located in Cardiff, and the Trinity Centre, a charity serving refugees and asylum seekers and others in need in the local Cardiff area. In 2015, the project received a small grant from players to deliver a programme of creative activity linking different local artists with refugee groups, helping these groups interact with the wider community and explore their own cultural heritage. The programme helped refugees better integrate into their new home and offered local Welsh artists a means of boosting their own professional skills.

The Small Grants Programme is keen to fund local projects which look at innovative ways of helping refugees settle into their new communities. This grant programme will also fund projects that prevent poverty, support healthy living initiatives and uphold human rights. For more information, please see the People's Postcode Trust website, which has information, guidelines and Tips & Hints about the type of projects funded and how to apply for one of the small grants.

The Cedars

Autism Initiatives run small, local projects across Great Britain for autistic adults and children. They believe in creating person-centred approaches for people with autism, and they create unique services for people to enable them to have ownership of their own lives and futures. The Cedars Community Resource Centre in Bootle is a new service that provides activities for people with autism in the Liverpool area.

A small grant from players helped to transform their outside area from a disused car park into a productive garden and outdoor exercise area. Service users are improving their green thumbs by learning new horticulture and gardening techniques, as well as using the area to boost their health and fitness.

For more information on grants that will help fund locally-based, environmental initiatives, please see the Postcode Local Trust website.

The Yard

The Yard is a purpose-built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities. It has been operating in Edinburgh for over 20 years and offers a safe environment for children and young people to experience play without feeling different. It offers family, school and club sessions and is open 365 days a year. The dedicated team of playworkers at The Yard are on hand to ensure that severely disabled children can take part in fun activities, with a bit of encouragement and help or solely on their own, boosting their confidence and skills.

The Yard has received several small grants over the past few years. In 2015, the organisation received a larger grant through Postcode Community Trust to help the service expand into Fife and Dundee, where there has been a waiting list of families requesting its service. The Trust was happy to help this wonderful centre expand and build upon its already excellent work helping disabled children across Scotland.

For more information about how to access funding for disabled groups in your area, please see the Postcode Community Trust website. This grant programme will also fund projects that promote community-based sporting initiatives, help relieve elderly people’s isolation and increase people’s access to community facilities.

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The Cedars Community Resource Centre in Bootle provides activities for people with autism