Theirworld, which was founded by Sarah Brown over a decade ago, is dedicated to projects that give vulnerable children a brighter future. They believe that every infant, child and young person deserves access to good healthcare and the best opportunities for education and learning. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have awarded £525,000 to Theirworld to try to accomplish this goal.

Unfortunately, 31 million girls worldwide will never get to school in their lifetime. More than 500 million girls will drop out of school before completing their basic education. To raise awareness of this tragedy, Theirworld is launching the Girls Stand #UpForSchool campaign.

In the leadup to International Women's Day, Theirworld is asking everyone to sign the #UpForSchool petition, which asks governments and world leaders to ensure all out-of-school children gain their right to education before the end of 2015. They hope to bring an end to the barriers preventing girls and boys from going to school, including forced work and early marriage, conflict and attacks on schools, exploitation and discrimination. Sign the petition at

In addition, Theirworld are asking everyone to post their old school pictures on social media with the hashtag #UpForSchool to raise awareness of this important issue. Together, we can make International Women's Day a key global moment that helps all children secure the right to go to school and learn.

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