From reducing carbon emissions to providing a home for thousands of wildlife species, woodland is an essential component of our ecosystem. Woodland Trust Scotland works hard to save ancient woodland from destructive development and encourage people to create new woods. To date, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised more than £500,000 for this amazing charity.

Every year, Woodland Trust Scotland provides free tree packs to schools and community groups, allowing them to enhance the beauty and sustainability of their surrounding areas. Woodland Trust Scotland recently joined forces with Abernethy Horticultural Society to assist local school children in planting 80 new fruit trees around their village.

Susan Pettigrew from Abernethy Horticultural Society is delighted with this recent collaboration and the benefits this has had for the local area. Susan said, "Abernethy has a strong history of growing fruit in this area and we're hoping that by planting a fruit trail around this village we'll be building on our links to the past and encouraging the next generation to engage with the local environment."

As well as learning first-hand about how to plant saplings, the school children got a taste for the great outdoors and enjoyed a day outside of the classroom. They were delighted with the end result and eager to share their newfound knowledge with friends and family members. Projects like this are a fantastic way of underlining the benefits of trees and plant life and encouraging future generations to be active in their protection.

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