There are lots of reasons to celebrate this week, as players are continuing to make an incredible difference to some of the world's poorest communities by supporting WaterAid. This year, players have contributed an amazing £651,603 towards lifesaving water, sanitation and hygiene projects. While many of us often take these three things for granted, millions of people around the world do not have access to these basic essentials.

The difference that safe water, sanitation and hygiene make is huge. With access to clean water and a safe place to go to the toilet, children can stay in school and benefit from the opportunities that education can provide. Babies can survive and thrive. Mothers have more time to spend with their families and earn a living. Whole communities can lift themselves out of poverty.

Zambia is just one of the countries where players are making a huge impact. Over the past two years, players have been supporting safe water and sanitation projects in the Monze district of Southern Zambia. Communities here rely heavily on farming and cattle rearing and despite large freshwater resources in Zambia, rainfall has declined in the last 30 years. With little water to drink or grow crops under the scorching sun, life in Monze is a real challenge. Nearly two in three people don't have access to clean water.

But by playing People's Postcode Lottery, players are helping people in Zambia transform their futures. Over 30,000 people in Monze now have access to safe drinking water and a hygienic place to go to the toilet. What's more, players' funding has helped construct more than 20 school toilet blocks for girls and boys.

Rona is just one person whose life has been transformed. Rona lives with her family in Hamakumo village, and she says, "Having water here means life for us. It means we can eat and earn money for a living." You can find out more about how your ticket is transforming Rona's village on the WaterAid website.

In addition, we will be celebrating World Water Day on Tuesday 22nd March 2016. This is a special day to highlight the fact that a staggering 650 million people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. That's one in ten people. So WaterAid is encouraging everyone to Go Blue for World Water Day. Dress in blue, paint yourself blue, decorate your school or office blue, bake blue cakes, drink blue drinks, play the blues… sing the blues – the possibilities are endless! To find out more and for ideas of how you can get involved visit the WaterAid website.

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Rona Mweemba 49, happy with a rehabilitated and properly working borehole in Hamakumo village. Credit WaterAid/Chileshe Chanda