People's Postcode Lottery manages lotteries promoted by different charities and good causes. Players have raised £486 Million for 6,500 charities and good causes since 2005. This funding is transforming lives and communities in Britain and beyond.

Fundraising by charity lotteries has been the only type to have limits placed on it by law. Since 2005 the maximum amount that can be raised each year has stood at £10 million.

In July 2019 the Government announced its decision on charity lottery reform – to increase the maximum amount charity lotteries can raise each year to £50 million.

The announcement by the then Minister, Mims Davies, indicated that the new limit would come into force from January 2020 and that a £100 million limit could be reached, subject to certain transparency conditions being met by the sector.

Months on, the Government is understood to now want to undertake further consultation before implementing the changes. In a move to avoid further delays on the issue, People’s Postcode Lottery is calling for the changes to be implemented sooner rather than later to meet the January 2020 date set out by Government.

Outdated limits mean charities and good causes, big and small, have missed out on funding. In the past two years, small and local charities have lost out on £45 million worth of funding due to current charity lottery laws. Source: Small Change: how charity lottery limits impact on small charities (PDF, 3MB)

From the beginning, our message has always been to raise the limits and let us do more for charities and good causes. The July announcement from the Government made this possible. Now we are urging the Government to honour the commitment of having the new limit in place by 1st January 2020, avoiding any further negative impact on charities and good causes.