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SMS Updates

Changes to People's Postcode Lottery's text message updates

From Monday 16th May, there are going to be some changes in the way our optional text message updates work.

Previously, players could sign up to receive an SMS message every Monday which talks about the big winners that week. However, with two Street Prizes every weekend, and a range of extra prizes having been introduced recently, there's just too much good news to fit in these short messages and so we're making some changes to how we communicate the winning postcodes.

We've recently upgraded our website and redesigned our emails to allow players to see and search prize winners more easily on their mobile phones. So now checking our emails and browsing the People's Postcode Lottery website provide a much better way to see all our winners. We also announce winning postcodes on Facebook and Twitter and in the press.

These SMS messages will be changed to a monthly send. On the first Monday of each month, a text message update will be sent, highlighting one of our recent winners. We will also be stopping new subscriptions to this service.

To ensure you get the full story on all our winners, make sure you're signed up to the emails we send, and check out our website on your mobile phone. You can search for a postcode and check the history of prize wins in that area.

This change to a monthly send applies only to the Monday text message updates. For players with no email address registered, but for whom we have a mobile phone number, we'll continue to send winner notifications by SMS if you pick up a £1,000 prize or a Sunday £10 win. These winner notifications are unchanged.

If you need further information on this change, please give our Customer Experience team a call on 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5. If you'd like to share your thoughts on these changes or need any help, please Contact Us. If you no longer wish to receive these text messages, you can text PPLSTOP to 60006 on the phone which you wish to unsubscribe.