Six players in a lucky St. Helens postcode have won today's Street Prize. Just before Christmas, St. Helens players collected some amazing cheques with our £3 Million Postcode Millions. And today, more big cheques are being picked up by People's Postcode Lottery players in the area.

Today's lucky postcode, WA10 2AT, has won four of the players cheques for a fantastic £30,000 each. Two more winners, who play with two tickets each, have doubled their prize to a staggering £60,000.

Every day of December's draws, every player in one lucky postcode takes home a cheque for £30,000 for each ticket they play with. Today's win in St. Helens is the last of our extra Street Prizes, but there's plenty more prizes coming in 2019 to keep our presenters busy. £150 Million in prizes will be won by lucky players in 2019. Could your postcode come up this year? You never know when your street is going to get lucky!

With 32% of the ticket price going to charities, our players have raised a staggering £371 Million for good causes. This prize was part of a draw promoted by Postcode Earth Trust.

If you're not playing yet, let us show you How People's Postcode Lottery works. There are fantastic Prizes to be won every single day. Best of all, by playing, you're supporting a range of amazing Charities. Help us help them make a difference in communities all over Britain. Sign up and play and one day soon, there might be a knock on your door!

Six players in postcode WA10 2AT have picked up whopping cheques with our Street Prize

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