With Street Prizes bringing celebrations to lucky postcodes every day in July's draws, we're loving the chance to deliver happy smiles and golden envelopes to communities across the country. Today, it's time to party in postcode IP18 6RA in Reydon where a lucky player has scooped a big prize. Our lucky winner plays with two tickets and so picks up a staggering £60,000.

Projects Around The World

32% of the ticket price goes to charities and good causes. To date, players have raised over £450 Million for thousands of deserving projects worldwide. Our players are changing lives every day, helping people and the planet. Thank you for all your support - we really couldn't do it with you.

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted by Postcode Support Trust. Established in 2015, this Trust provides funding to charities and good causes across Britain that are supporting older people to participate fully in their community, helping them to live happy and more fulfilled lives.

The Mix Stowmarket is one charity close to our winner that players have helped support. Last year, it received £18,292 for The Together Project that addresses the needs of local employers by helping young people become work ready, reach their true potential, and build their best future.

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One People's Postcode Lottery player in Reydon is £60,000 better off thanks to their lucky postcode

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