One lucky player from Milford on Sea has had the delivery of a lifetime - a cheque for £25,000! SO41 0SF was drawn as a winner in this week's Saturday Street Prize.

Christine Boyce, who is retired, has only been playing for two months. She said, "I only started playing in December, when I saw it advertised it mentioned a large amount goes to charity."

Christine was in shock after winning the £25,000 Saturday Street Prize, but already has plans for some of her bumper winnings.

Christine said, "I keep looking at this card that says you've won People's Postcode Lottery, and I can't believe it. We haven't been on holiday in a very long time, so we are going to visit a friend in Greece and then maybe go to see my son in Australia."

"It was so funny when People's Postcode Lottery arrived this morning. The lady next door is getting some work done – and the workman saw me waiving my £25,000 cheque. They asked me how I did it so I told them to go and play People's Postcode Lottery!"

People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Danyl Johnson, who presented the cheque to Christine on her doorstep in Milford on Sea, said, "It was brilliant to bring a smile to Christine's face. She was so surprised and to imagine that she only started playing in December is simply incredible. It is always such an honour to meet the winning players, who are helping to raise Millions of pounds for so many great causes."

As a charity lottery, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £104.2 Million for charities across Great Britain and internationally. Near to Christine, players have supported Wessex Cancer Trust, a fantastic charity providing local support for people living with or affected by cancer, irrespective of their age, stage and the type of cancer. In 2015, players awarded the Trust £3,350 to develop two Therapy Rooms for its users.

Christine Boyce, who lives in Milford on Sea, has won big in this weekend's Saturday Street Prize

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