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Chop For Charity

31 January 2011

Volunteers pay for the privilege of chopping down pine trees

A wood pile of felled trees

The Northumberland Wildlife Trust recently held a Pine Tree felling event at the East Chevington reserve.

The pine trees were planted twenty years ago as a nursery crop. They provided cover to young broad leaf trees planted at the same time. Now that the Broad Leaf trees are growing, the pine trees need to be pruned to allow space for their growth.

The event proved so successful that members of staff had to turn away the overload of volunteers!   By the end of the event, in excess of fifty trees had been eagerly chopped down by members of the public.   In return, each donated £10 to the wildlife charity.  Apart from aiding the growth of the Broad Leaf trees, this initiative also saved the estate's volunteers a job.

The People’s Postcode Lottery proudly supports the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and has raised over £241,000 for this charity to date.