Postcode Lottery Limited is incorporated in England and Wales and is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence numbers 000-000829-N-102511 and 000-000829-R-102513). See licence status here. Players must be 18 or over. We are committed to responsible play.

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Summary of Terms & Conditions

People's Postcode Lottery ("PPL") is licensed by the Gambling Commission to act as an External Lottery Manager.

People's Postcode Lottery manages lotteries for 20 Postcode Trusts.

A minimum of 20% of the ticket price must be applied by the relevant Postcode Trust towards its purposes. At present, 33% of the ticket price is applied by them towards their charitable purposes. The Postcode Trusts apply such funds by awarding grants to other charities and good causes which support their charitable purposes. Information about the Postcode Trusts is available on their websites. The information includes the Postcode Trusts' aims, how grants are allocated and examples of previous recipients.

Tickets are sold on a monthly subscription basis and by entering into a subscription with PPL you are agreeing to play in lotteries managed by PPL. The cost of entering one ticket in all draws taking place in a month is £10. Twenty draws take place in a typical month. See a breakdown of the cost of tickets for each individual draw in a month. Ordinarily, all draws are carried out on the first Wednesday of the relevant month. The maximum amount of tickets a Player can have in any one draw is 6 (which would cost £60/month).

At the point of signup you will be notified when PPL will attempt to take the first payment, and thereafter the first attempt to obtain payment each month will be on or around the 10th of the month unless otherwise communicated.

Only tickets for which PPL has received payment prior to a draw will be entered into the draw. It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure sufficient funds are available from their nominated payment provider when PPL seeks payment in advance of the draw. PPL accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused if a ticket is not entered into a draw because it had not been paid for.

Players may cancel their subscription at any time by phoning the PPL Customer Experience team on 0808 109 8765. Termination will take effect immediately, although any funds which have already been collected (or in respect of which requests for collection have already been sent to the payment provider) are non-refundable and shall be used to purchase the relevant numbers of tickets in the upcoming draw.

Winners are selected at random by PPL's certified draw engine software before an independent adjudicator. Daily announcements of the winning postcodes determined by these draws are made on the PPL website. The Prize Draw Calendar sets out in advance of the draws the prizes to be won, the dates on which winning postcodes shall be announced for the various prizes, and the particular charity responsible for the relevant draw. Only playing postcodes are entered into draws, guaranteeing each of the prizes advertised in advance will be won. As prescribed in the Gambling Act 2005, the holder of an individual winning ticket cannot be awarded a prize greater than 10% of the ticket sales for that particular draw.