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How It Works

You pay £10 per monthly subscription. Your subscription enters a ticket into every prize draw and there are guaranteed winners every single day. We have thousands of winners every week. A minimum of 30% of the subscription price goes to good causes. Our players have raised more than £175 Million for charities.


You pay monthly by Direct Debit, Debit Card or PayPal.

  • How much does it cost to play?

    It costs £10 per month to play a single subscription, which plays a ticket in each prize draw for a month. Two subscriptions would be £20 per month, and plays two tickets in every draw. Three subscriptions would cost £30 per month, and would give you three tickets in every prize draw. The simplest way to pay for your monthly subscription is via Direct Debit. You can also pay by Debit Card (subject to a 15p monthly transaction fee) or PayPal (with a 35p monthly transaction fee).

  • When do I pay?

    In your first month of play, two payments may be taken close together. These are payments for each of your first two months of play. You pay monthly in advance simply to ensure that you participate in draws from the earliest opportunity. After this first month, payments will only occur once each month – usually on or around the 10th of each month. For specific information on your payment date schedule, call our Customer Experience staff on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5.

  • How do I get my winnings?

    If you pay your subscription by Direct Debit, your prize money will be automatically transferred into your bank account within 28 days. If you pay by Debit Card or PayPal and have registered your bank account details with us, your prize money will also be transferred to your specified bank account within 28 days. If you haven’t registered your bank details with us, and you win more than £3,000 per subscription, you’ll need to register a bank account to receive your prize money. Please ring us on freephone number 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5 and we can arrange to pay your winnings.


Your tickets are based on the postcode you choose to play with. If you sign up for a subscription, you play in all our draws, and you could win prizes every day of the month. The more subscriptions you play with, the more tickets you play in our prize draws – and the more money you can win!

  • How many tickets can I play with?

    A subscription plays a single ticket in all our draws, and gives you the chance to win prizes every day.

    In our Saturday and Sunday Street Prizes, each ticket in a lucky postcode will win £30,000. If you are playing with one subscription, you play a single ticket in all our draws. If your postcode gets drawn, you’ll win £30,000 for each ticket you play with. If you have two subscriptions, you’d play with two tickets and you'd collect £60,000. If you played with three tickets, you'd pick up £90,000! The same applies with the £7,000 Dream Holiday, the £1,000 Daily Prize and the £100, £50, £20 and £10 prizes. The more tickets you play with, the more you win. Prize funds in our £3 Million Postcode Millions draws are shared on a per-ticket basis. The more tickets you play with, the greater your share of the total prize fund.

  • Why is it a 'subscription'?

    A subscription buys you a single ticket in all of our prize draws for a month. Each subscription costs £10 per month. Players usually sign up for 1, 2 or 3 subscriptions. Your subscription will continue to play for prizes and be charged each month until you cancel. You can cancel at any time.

  • Does everyone in the winning postcode win?

    When a postcode gets lucky, only players of People’s Postcode Lottery win a prize. If you have a neighbour in your postcode who isn’t playing, and your postcode wins a prize, unfortunately they miss out. If you aren’t playing yet, your postcode might already be playing in the draw if a neighbour has already subscribed. If your postcode comes up and you aren’t yet playing, one of your neighbours will be collecting a cheque but you will not receive any prize. Don’t miss your chance if your postcode gets lucky!

Good Causes

By playing, you support a range of fantastic charities. A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes to these good causes. Our players have raised over £175 Million for charities so far.

  • Who benefits when I play?

    A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes to supporting charities. Our players have raised millions of pounds for good causes. By playing People’s Postcode Lottery, you give yourself the chance to win great prizes, but you also help deserving charities do vital work. For updates on the difference which support from our players makes, check out our charity news.

  • Which charities get funding?

    Check out the list of charities which our players support. We may well already be funding a charity near you. Some charities are funded directly, and others are funded through Trusts which draw together organisations with similar aims. You can see which charities or Trusts are being funded each week in our Charity Draw Calendar. As more players subscribe, we’re able to support more charities.

  • How can my charity get funding?

    Want to apply for direct funding for your charity? The following Trusts are open to grant applications from registered charities and other not-for-profit community groups:

£175 Million!

Prize Draws

Only playing postcodes are entered into our draws, so there are always guaranteed winners. Players win prizes every single day. Players in over 20,000 postcodes win every week.

  • How many draws are there per month?

    Currently, we perform 10 prize draws every month. If you subscribe, your ticket will play in all of these draws. The draws are arranged so that there are guaranteed prize winners every single day of the month. Tickets play for cash prizes like our £30,000 Saturday and Sunday Street Prizes, £7,000 Dream Holidays, a brand new BMW and a share of the Postcode Millions prize.

  • When is the Postcode Millions draw?

    Every month, we have a Postcode Millions draw with a whopping £3 Million prize fund. Players in one lucky postcode sector share the £3 Million prize money and walk away with life-changing cheques. Check out some of our recent Postcode Millions winners. We usually announce the winning Postcode Millions sector mid-month and have a party for our lucky winners at the end of each month.

  • How does the draw happen?

    Each month, 10 draws are performed to pick the latest lucky postcodes and generate prize winners for every day of the month. These draws pinpoint where our Postcode Millions lands, where our Street Prize Presenters will be heading to hand out £30,000 cheques, and who will be jetting off on a £7,000 Dream Holiday. When you sign up to play, you will be informed of your first draw date – the first day on which you will play for prizes.

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There's prizes to be won every day and the amazing £3 Million Postcode Millions draw.

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