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Earth Hour: Going Beyond The Hour

29 March 2012

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Help to make a difference to our planet by switching off for Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour is the world's largest climate change campaign. The project started in Australia in 2007 and is supported by WWF. During Earth Hour, hundreds of thousands of people turn off their lights in protest at the increasing pressures being put on our planet.

This year, as on launch night, people are being asked to turn off their lights at 8.30pm local time on Saturday 31 March to show their united commitment for a better future. By coming together, it's hoped we can make a real difference to climate change and the future of our world.


Five years on, Earth Hour is as much about the lasting effort to change the way we live, as one night of action. As well as turning off your lights this Saturday, there are lots of ways to help preserve our planet. Turn off any unneeded lights, make the most of the sun and open your curtains wide, or read a book rather than watching TV. Whatever you do, however little it may seem, by simply going Beyond The Hour, you can really make a difference to our planet.

People's Postcode Lottery players are supporting WWF Scotland, the driving force behind Earth Hour efforts in Scotland. Teams are working with primary schools across the country to inspire a more environmentally friendly approach to life starting at a young age.

So, will you be taking part this Saturday? We would love to hear about any of your ‘lights out’ plans, so why not get in touch via Twitter?