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Free Tickets For Goose Breakfast

22 September 2011

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Scottish Wildlife Trust invites guests to watch pink footed geese fly

Geese In Flight

Autumn may bring with it cooler temperatures and gusty winds. However, for Scottish Wildlife Trust, it sees an exciting time for the nature and wildlife of Scotland. Scottish Wildlife Trust are running a range of events over the next few months. These are aimed at letting the public experience the sheer variety of plants and animals that make their home in your area.

One such event is the Goose Breakfast. Scottish Wildlife Trust are inviting guests to enjoy the spectacle of thousands of pink footed geese leaving Montrose Basin at dawn. Guests are then invited into the Montrose Visitor Centre for breakfast to watch a presentation from a Scottish Wildlife Trust Ranger. These spectacular events are being held on Sunday 09 October, Sunday 16 October and Sunday 23 October. Sessions start at 6.30am and run until 9.30am.

This event usually costs £8 per person. However, People's Postcode Lottery has 10 free tickets for each event up for grabs for our players.

If you would like to take up this free opportunity to watch this amazing sight, please email with the date of the breakfast you wish to attend, and the number of tickets you would like.

Scottish Wildlife Trust is one of the charities regularly supported by the players of People's Postcode Lottery.  To date, the Trust has received more than £1.5 Million in funding.