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June Postcode Millions

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Two Grimsby neighbours collect matching £400,000 cheques

Lucky players from Grimsby celebrating with their cheques Lucky players from Grimsby celebrating with their cheques

Summer kicked off in style for two lucky Grimsby players who scooped a whopping £400,000 each when their postcode, DN31 2BE, was revealed as the full winning postcode in the June Postcode Millions.

Next door neighbours Mark Kershaw, 55, and Helen Bradley, 40, were joined by another 59 winners at People's Park in Grimsby where they were presented with their shares of the £2 Million prize. The event saw residents in the winning postcode sector, DN31 2, share the massive prize pot. Prizes ranged from £4,081 up to an amazing £400,000. Mark and Helen were the only players living in the full winning postcode, which meant they walked away with the lion's share of the prize.

Mark Kershaw, who signed up to play in December 2013, was completely gobsmacked when his cheque for £400,000 was revealed. Mark attended the event with his partner Janet, stepdaughter Tanya and brother Paul. He said, “I can't believe this has happened, I've been dreaming about what I would do if I won big but never really believed it would happen and now it has!

Mark currently works as a driving instructor but was previously a financial advisor so he plans on being quite sensible with his money for now, “I've already booked a holiday to Tenerife for this year and my car is only two years old so I don't need to spend any money on that. I want to make sure that I've got enough put away for my retirement.”

Despite Mark's claims that he plans to be sensible he has already decided on a couple of treats for himself and his partner. “I am a huge motorbike fan so I'll treat myself to a new bike and I would like to buy Janet a new car as well,” said Mark.

Mark wasn't the only winner in his family as his stepdaughter Tanya, who had only been playing for one month, also won. Tanya was lucky enough to scoop just over £4,000 in her first ever draw. This isn't unusual for Mark and his family though - Mark describes himself as a very lucky man and he has certainly proved it today!


Also celebrating a massive win was Helen Bradley, 40, who joined Mark in scooping her very own £400,000 ticket. Helen attended the celebration with her two daughters Jade, 21, and Yasmine, 18. Helen said, “I am absolutely delighted...when Judie pulled my cheque out I thought I was going to faint.”


Helen has two other children, Beck, 12, and Rowan, 10. They were both at home when Helen's win was revealed. Helen said, "I can't wait to get home and tell my two boys how much I have won, I was going to phone them straight away but I can't wait to see their faces when I pull the cheque out.”

Helen's daughters have already got plans for spending their mum's money. "The girls both want some designer handbags and shoes so once the money is in my account I'll definitely be treating them to a shopping spree,” said Helen. "My big plan with the money is to send my mum to California to see her friend, she would never have been able to afford it and I'm so excited to tell her that she can go now!”

Unlike Mark, Helen has never found herself to be that lucky and is currently waiting for an operation on her back. Now that she's got this money, she thinks she'll be able to get this operation much quicker. It would definitely seem Helen's luck is changing.

The winners' celebration saw a number of supported charities in attendance including Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Girlguiding and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, allowing supported charities a chance to thank winners directly for their invaluable support over the years.


Rob Stoneman, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, attended the celebration in Grimsby said, “It's been a great day here at People's Park and I am delighted that I was able to meet so many of the players who have supported Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all the charities to the players and congratulations!”  


In February 2013 the Postcode Millions landed across the River Humber in Hull and, in February of this year, Scott Quinnell was in Grimsby celebrating with Street Prize winner Debbie Frosdick who won £25,000.

Judie McCourt, People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador and Postcode Millions presenter, was delighted to be back celebrating in Northern England, “Our last Postcode Millions event in this area was in Hull so it's great to be back in this neck of the woods, the atmosphere is always great up here and the winners certainly didn't disappoint today. I would just like to wish all winners a massive congratulations!”

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Grimsby Postcode Millions Winner Photos

Another Grimsby player collecting his cheque A lucky Grimsby winner picking up his prize A Postcode Millions winner receiving a big cheque from Judie A Grimsby winner collecting an amazing prize
A local player collecting their winnings from Judie A Grimsby winner getting the surprise of his life Big winner Helen collecting her life-changing cheque Our lucky Grimsby winners on stage
Our lucky Grimsby Postcode Millions winners Big winner Mark with his £400,000 cheque Big winners Helen and Mark with their £400,000 cheques Our lucky Grimsby Postcode Millions winners

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For more photos from the event, see our Facebook Gallery for the Grimsby Postcode Millions Party.

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