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Kilty Kids Get Set To Walk the Bridge

26 November 2010

Events in aid of Kilts for Kids Day are set to take place across the whole of Scotland today, Friday 26 November.

Amongst the hundreds of participants are a group of children and staff members from a CHILDREN 1ST service in Bathgate. They are braving the heights of the Forth Road Bridge for a sponsored walk in aid of Kilts for Kids Day. The walkers will be waved off by Fiona Hyslop MSP at one end and greeted by John Park MSP at the other.


Kilty Kids Kilty Kids

Around 30 people are expected to take part in the walk including 10 young people with Asperger's syndrome, 15 young people aged 12-18 who regularly use the service and young adults who used the service in the past and are keen to give something back.

Wendy Fowler, Resource Worker at the Chill Out Zone service, said:
"We had a chat with the kids about what they wanted to do for Kilts for Kids Day and they came up with the idea of walking over the Forth Road Bridge. Since then they've been busy making t-shirts, huge flags and banners and they're really looking forward to it.

"We're really thankful to have the support of our local MSPs as well as the bridge authorities who have been so helpful."

Fiona Hyslop commented: "I will be delighted to wave off the walkers from the Lothians side of the Forth Road Bridge and I'm looking forward to speaking with some of the children and volunteers from Bathgate who are marking Kilts for Kids Day in a very brave way.

CHILDREN 1ST has received over £1.4 million in support from People’s Postcode Lottery thanks to you, our players. If you’d like to find out more about Kilts for Kids Day please visit