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Dementia Adventure

Dementia Adventure

Amount raised to date:


Regions receiving support:

England, Scotland and Wales

Funding body:

Postcode Care Trust

Our players' support helps...

Established in 2009, Dementia Adventure is a multi-award winning and unique social enterprise providing training, research and personalised projects which give people living with dementia a sense of adventure in their lives.

Dementia Adventure's research shows that exercise has a host of benefits for people with dementia, enabling them to enjoy a higher standard of living. Participants have noted reduced levels of stress, anxiety and aggression whilst also experiencing improvements with sleep, memory and verbal expression.

Dementia Adventure will use the funding from our players to train their volunteers and expand their effective park walks in the country.

Neil Mapes, Director of Dementia Adventure, said, "The social sector is facing extremely difficult times when the most vulnerable in our society are finding fewer services on offer to support them in the face of growing demand. Having the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery over the next year is hugely significant and will ensure that our innovative yet simple nature-based approach reaches many more people looking for a positive way to live with dementia."


Kate Pearson, Trust Manager at People's Postcode Lottery, said, "We are delighted that players of People's Postcode Lottery are able to support Dementia Adventure. The activities they offer provide a real respite for those affected, and their carers. We were particularly impressed by their use of the natural environment as a means of care, which fits very closely with both the Lottery's green and care mission."

For more information, please visit To help support their work, sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery.


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