Greenhouse Sports delivers life-changing sport programmes to young people in some of London's most disadvantaged communities. With £450,000 of funding from players, Greenhouse Sports coaches run programmes in secondary schools across the capital to help young people develop life skills and reach their full potential.

Greenhouse Sports coaches are a special combination of 51% mentor and 49% coach. Many of them grew up within three miles of the programmes they run or have been previously involved with Greenhouse Sports as volunteers or participants themselves. Because of this, they are uniquely able to be meaningful and credible role models for the young people they work with.

Research shows that young people who disengage from school are at risk of not achieving academically, and are more likely to participate in at-risk behaviour in the long-term. To combat these problems, Greenhouse Sports coaches design and deliver their programmes to foster skills that are transferable to challenges in and out of the classroom, such as goal-setting, teamwork, and mutual respect.

Thanks to support from players of People's Postcode Lottery:

  • Greenhouse Sports' programmes ran in 39 secondary schools this year.
  • Young participants enjoyed over 39,000 hours of mainstream programming delivered by inspirational coaches.
  • Greenhouse Sports participants attended, on average, four more days of school than their non-Greenhouse Sports peers.

Go behind the scenes at a Greenhouse Sports' mainstream programme in this account of a day in the life of one of their inspirational coaches, Coach Jerome at Quintin Kynaston (QK) in North West London:

A typical day for Coach Jerome begins at 7.30am, when QK's hardiest students burst into the sports hall for a focused training session. Most of the students agree it's a great way to start their day. The early morning training session is followed up with a healthy breakfast in the school diner and they arrive to their first lesson with sense of accomplishment and a spring in their step.

Coach Jerome has a long day. He is often one of the last members of staff to leave, as sessions and fixtures keep students active until 6.30pm. In between morning and after-school coaching sessions, Coach Jerome implements a range of training sessions with specific groups. He also spends a considerable amount of time mentoring and supporting his students across a number of their core subject areas. Coach keeps the mantra of 'Student Athlete' at the foundation of what he does and, as a result, his participants believe in themselves and are at their best when it counts: on the court, and across the whole school community.

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