Supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery, Maggie's Centres has shown that nutrition plays a huge role in the support offered to people with cancer, along with their friends and families.

For many people with cancer, eating is one of the few things that can still be controlled. Eating well can give someone a physical and emotional boost at any time on their cancer journey.

Much of the same advice given to those with cancer could also benefit anyone looking to feel happier and healthier.

Nutrition and health advisor for Maggie's Edinburgh and Fife Centres Kellie Anderson said: “There is no doubt that anyone can change how they feel physically and emotionally by changing what they eat.

I will never say that nutrition is all you need to think about for the best possible outcome when it comes to cancer, but it certainly has a part to play in making people feel better.”

The informal nutrition workshops offer a range of vital information including ways to combat the side effects of cancer and its treatments plus the latest research on cancer and diet and how to put together meals and snacks based on the latest advice.

Shesaid: “Of course when people are undergoing treatment it can have all kinds of side effects such as changes to taste and digestion so the golden rule is to eat whatever you want when you can.

Although if there are days when those undergoing treatment feel able to eat in a more normal way, trying to incorporate something healthy into their diets such as a soup, a smoothie or an extra piece of fruit or veg can help hugely.

The nutrition workshops at Maggie's look to answer all questions people have about eating for health and eating with cancer, and the Centres are such warm, welcoming and friendly places that they are incredibly conducive to such easy-going and informal workshops of this kind.

Like Maggie's entire programme of support, the Nutrition Workshops are free of charge and this is only made possible due to the generosity of our supporters like the players of People's Postcode Lottery.

Claire Montgomery from People's Postcode Lottery added: “We recently joined Kellie to talk about Nutrition and the workshops at Maggie's. It is amazing how some simple diet changes can have a really big impact on your immune system and energy levels, not only when you have cancer but when you are trying to fight off all of the winter bugs. We had a great day and got to try some amazing recipes that we will definitely be trying at home.”

Players of People's Postcode Lottery, who have supported Maggie's for five years by raising £2.5 Million, help ensure Maggie's can continue to provide their expert programme of support which includes their Nutrition Workshops.

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