Invertebrate conservation charity Buglife has launched a new project, B-Lines, thanks to a £98,960 grant from Postcode Local Trust, funded by players of People's Postcode Lottery. The B-Lines project is developing a network of wildflowers stretching across the UK, from the coast up into our hills and mountains, and from the countryside into our towns and cities. The concept has been awarded the European Bee Award 2016 by the European Landowners Association.

Bees, butterflies, and hoverflies, many of which pollinate our fruit and vegetables, are in serious decline and need our help. B-Lines is creating and linking wildflower-rich areas to provide food, homes, and networks for insect pollinators. This will also increase their resilience to habitat loss and climate change.

Communities are being urged to get involved with the project, and will be engaged in healthy outdoor activities such as seed sowing, bulb planting, and meadow raking. People across the UK will learn about pollinators and will benefit from more biodiverse local environments with an abundance of colourful flowers, buzzing insects, and the consequential increase in other wildlife.

Longer-term, the country will benefit from stabilisation and growth in pollinator numbers improving agricultural yields and thus keeping food prices down. People will have easy access to all they need to know to make a difference for pollinators in their own area, and will be part of the solution to pollinator decline by supporting their local B-Line.

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Buglife's B-Lines project will help increase the number of pollinators and other bugs in the UK