Museums play a crucial role in our communities. Through their objects, we see, hear and feel forgotten experiences. We make connections across time, space and continents, and discover shared stories that unite us all. These experiences help us overcome loneliness and isolation, and inspire creativity, wellbeing and learning in people of all ages.

Since 2013, support from our players has helped visitors to enjoy three of Scotland's national museums:

  • the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh,
  • the National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride, and
  • the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.

Players' support has helped families discover fascinating stories behind the collections through fun activities. It has helped tackle loneliness and isolation by creating programmes for people with dementia. Player funding has also brought big stories to new audiences through exciting exhibitions like Tyrannosaurs.

Coronavirus Closure

On 17th March, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, National Museums Scotland made the decision to close their museums to protect the health of the communities they serve. Overnight, donations and income from the museums' shops and cafes stopped. However, the Museum's work to protect their remarkable collections and share them with us all did not. Right now, support from players is helping to care for these intriguing objects while the museums are closed, ensuring National Museums Scotland will be ready to welcome people back once safe to reopen.

Museum At Home

At this time of intense isolation and uncertainty, we all need to feel connected and inspired. To help people learn, discover and enjoy the collections and the stories behind them, National Museums Scotland has created Museum at Home. Players' support has enabled a hub of online games and activities, specifically for families, that draw on the National Museums' collections and let people experience them together.

National Museums Scotland's museums are places for discovery, for learning, for wellbeing, and for joy. With support from our players, they can and will be those places again.

Good Causes Benefiting

It's not only amazing charities like National Museums Scotland that receive funding. There's a whole host of good causes supported by our players in the UK and around the world.

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A young visitor exploring the wonders of the natural world with National Museums Scotland

"I have the most wonderful memories of the museum. As a child I loved the revolving doors that took me into a new world of mystery and magic... The museum still has the power to uplift my spirits and to discover the new and rediscover old favourites. What a place!"

A Museum Visitor