People's Postcode Lottery players are generously supporting the work of ActionAid with an incredible £250,000. Over the last six months, this funding has been helping ActionAid to transform the lives of over 2,000 vulnerable girls in Kenya.

In many of the world's poorest countries, being a girl can mean suffering violence. This can take a range of forms, including domestic abuse, sexual violence, early forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).

In many cases, this violence is socially acceptable and impossible to avoid. When it's over, the perpetrators frequently go unpunished. In fact, girls are often blamed themselves. And because so many girls are denied an education, they are likely to remain socially isolated and powerless - which means the problem never goes away.

ActionAid runs a range of initiatives that help girls and young women avoid violence, bring those responsible to justice and change the attitudes that underpin so much suffering. And thanks to People's Postcode Lottery players, ActionAid can now expand this programme in Kenya.

Despite the Kenyan government's efforts towards achieving education for all, Kenyan girls continue to experience a number of challenges which prevent them from accessing education, including child marriage and FGM. With support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, ActionAid will work with girls both in and out of school to address the barriers to educational access. ActionAid is providing safe houses where girls at risk of FGM can rebuild their lives free from fear. The centres provide a home for the girls, where they can carry on attending school and learn the skills they need for the future. ActionAid will also help build the confidence of girls who have dropped out of school. Support is provided for them, with improved educational and livelihood opportunities to help them lift themselves out of poverty.

Because of the incredible support of generous players, girls like Abigail and Purity will be able to escape FGM and stay in school and a generation of young women will experience a brighter future.

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ActionAid is transforming the lives of girls in Kenya